#QAnon #Q Post 1423 5-20-18… “[6] surv [value targets]” and an x22Report video analysis (Strzok, Page, Brennan?)

I’m posting this partly because I just find the investigative work quite “fascinating”. This Q post, 1423, was used by Citizens Investigative Report girl (as pointed out in the video in this prior Kp blog post), to show that Q now is the same as Q before.

But x22Report guy (Dave?) notes that the images in that same post (1423) show 6 people crossing the street (in the image with the blue ferris wheel), three of which who look surprisingly like those that are possibly under investigation (Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and possibly former CIA chief, Brennan). He goes into a deeper analysis of that location, and the connections to another “swamp drainer”. Hmmm…

The video is below, and here is a direct link to the image on the Qanon.pub page. Go to 23:12 to view his analysis of the image.


Go to 23:12 to view his analysis of the image.

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