David Wilcock on Fade to Black 5-14-18 (with Jimmy Church)

{Kp update: I updated the MP3s, as I missed deleting some of the music in part 1 (sorry, Jimmy… I can’t take the heavy metal.] David appeared on F2B with Jimmy Church on 5-14-18. There were many points in this one that hit home. Perhaps others will find the same. Excellent interviewing by Jimmy, in my view.

I’m posting the video below and, as I’ve done before, I’ve taken the audio and isolated the DW part, and removed the ads and metal guitar music. The audio player and MP3s (configured for smartphones), below that.


MP3s (minus ads and music; each part 30 min., 14 MB): Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Complete show


Part 1: Talks about Alliance, Q Anon, Pete Peterson
Part 2: More about the Alliance. Started a long time ago. About Alex Jones, Zach, etc. More on Q Anon. According to David’s sources, Q anon is real info.
Part 3: Somewhere in here he mentions that it appears the Kilauea eruption is an attempt by the cabal to break off part of the island and send a tsunami to the west coast of the US (relevant article by Dr. Salla).
Part 4: Covers insiders, particularly Emery Smith.

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