The Second and Third videos about the #QAnon #Q Disinfo business, from PrayingMedic and Jordan Sather 5-13-18

…and the lesson here is that what is stated in one moment in time may not apply to the next moment in time (so perhaps from now on I’ll refrain from using the word, “only”!) (and this applies to this prior Kp blog post).

I very much aligned with the messages in both videos.

Also I made a particular note in the first one, at about 23:30 minutes, where he addresses what one of the anons termed, “concernfags” (in Q post 1349). This is my own modus operandi as well. Occasionally I have heard that someone is “concerned” about what I have posted, that I’m being misled, that so and so is a dark hat, so and so is being controlled by the cabal, etc., etc., etc., implying that therefore I should NOT be posting what they write or otherwise. As I have said before, “I post what I get to post.”

Similarly with Q, if it doesn’t align with one’s “discernment”, one can let it all pass. This deep state cleansing is happening whether we like it or not. And personally, I’m liking all of it!

In this update, we take a closer look the Iran deal and hopefully, put to rest the controversy between Qanon and Infowars.;;

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