Holy Crap!!! #QAnon (#Q) has referenced a video THREE times that has a UFO at 1:11!!! (Thanks to Solaris Modalis! (4-12-18))

At some point, I saw this video, and as it looked like just a “Go, Go, US military, Go” type presentation, I didn’t pay any detailed attention to this. But Solaris Modalis emailed me about it, and now I’m seeing a larger picture.

I will likely post another article about this later, but for now I’m going to link to Solaris Modalis’ article, who has some detailed analysis of this video. Below is the first part of her article… (however, note that the Q posts where the video appeared are actually 637 (not 614), 1005, and 1036):

On April 5, 2018 Q Anon posted a link to The Military Channel and a video titled US Military Power 2018 • “The Leader” • US Armed Forces: The video contained UFO footage.(1)

This video was actually posted on three separate dates by Q. The Q Anon posts of April 5, 2018 (post #1036), April 3, 2018 (post #1005) and January 27, 2018 (post #614 [actually, 637]) all contained links to this video.

At 1:11 minutes:seconds, two United States military planes are flying through the sky. The camera appears to be inside a fighter jet, and is pointed towards a large military plane. The view is from within this jet, looking at the plane.

The video (below the screenshots) is full of “signs”. The appearance of the UFO (Light ship?) occurs at exactly 1:11. Also just as it disappears, you see 3 deck personnel give a “thumbs up”. That’s got to mean something. And is this a type of “hidden disclosure” that the “visible military” is actually working with “ET assistance”? Sure is looking like it. And this likely deserves more research, for sure.

Below are three consecutive screen shots I took from the full-screened video. Also when viewing, I suggest slowing it down to 0.25 (click the gear icon, and select the speed).


https://youtu.be/xW2ijF2ya1c (click the gear, lower right, and slow down the video around 1:00 to view the light more easily)

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