Dr. Jerome Corsi 4-11-18… “Confirmation that ‘The Alliance’ asked Donald Trump to run for President”

[Kp note 4-27-18: the original video was taken down. A replacement YouTube link has been inserted in the video below.]
[Kp note: as I believe this is a very significant video, I am downloading it and will post links to download the video, here, after they are finished.] [Here is a link to the long version of this video, from InfoWars News.] [LINKS TO DOWNLOAD VIDEO: 720px (46MB); 240px (27MB); MP3 audio (7MB)]

Several times I have mentioned (in posts, radio shows, etc.) that David Wilcock and Corey Goode had revealed, back in 2016, that a military/SSP Alliance (aka, “The Alliance”) preferred Donald Trump over HRC as Presidential choice, for a variety of reasons, and that Trump had agreed to work with them. Here is a Nov., 2016, Kp blog post that is related to this (and has several other relevant links). In his article Corey wrote:

TRUMP IS BEING BACKED BY THE ALLIANCE… [Gonzales] confirmed that Donald Trump is indeed being backed by the Alliance. Trump is certainly not entering into this battle free from his own baggage… He does not, however, represent a group that actively seeks to kill billions of people by starting World War III as soon as possible.

So here we have a Jerome Corsi message that confirms this. The link to this video is set to begin at the 6:30 mark. It is from a presentation Dr. Corsi made in Washington DC, along with the Alex Jones group. What is most significant to me is that, at the 6:30 mark, he begins to explain how he was approached by the military to assist in a “coup d’etat” against the Deep State (at that time with President Obama). It was then that the military asked Donald Trump to run for president, whereby the military would work with him to expose and (legally) remove those operating against the Constitution, and against the people of the USA (and of the planet). Just listen to a few minutes of this, and hear for yourself.

[Kp note 4-27-18: the original video was taken down. A replacement YouTube link has been inserted in the video below.]


Published on Apr 11, 2018
…Jerome Corsi just explained the Q Anon/Trump counter-coup operation. In public for all to see! According to Corsi, Trump was asked 3 years ago by our Military to run for president. In exchange they would hold off on their contemplated military coup and instead win power legitimately and fight the Deep State corruption according to our Constitution. Legally, through the processes of our Representative Republic.

And Corsi has been alluding to Q Anon being Army military Intel but in this speech? There’s no alluding, he tells it as FACT with he himself having met with the generals. I personally have believed this for awhile now but to see it so open, in the public, so matter of factly is a bit surreal.

[Link to Jutzee YouTube channel.]

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