A Few Highlights from #QAnon (#Q) Postings 4-9-18… #1100 – 1124… (or, “Holy Crap… when does it End??”)

[Kp update: I added 1124 at the end, which seems to relate to the recent testimony of MZ (Mark Zuckerberg). Also view this short David Seaman video where he talks about this 1124 post at the beginning.]

I chose to “not resist” the idea of looking through these. I’m only going to post text of the postings plus the number, so all may feel free to investigate more for themselves. And I’m trying this “wild red and white” Q image this time.

Recall Q’s tripcode is !xowAT4Z3VQ. Here is a link to the prior Q postings on this blog. I’ve added a few highlights and bold items I found that “stood out” for me.


Highlights of Posts from 1100 – 1124 (https://qanon.pub/)

Who is arranging the PRIVATE meetings? MZ campaign contribution promises. FB donations since 4.2.18?… R’s targeted (censorship/anti R = more $). How to mask? MZ personal donations? Shell Co? Recent stock dump? Avoid FB public disclosure? Track congressional intake (reported)… How do politicians access campaign contributions for personal use? The “Con.”

TOGETHER YOU ARE STRONG. FB violation of YOUR PRIVACY. FB actively TRACKING YOU. FB reading your PRIVATE messages. FB CENSORING (anti conservative). More will drop. We have it ALL. CLASS ACTION LAWSUITS are EFFECTIVE. GLOBAL. @Jack [Jack Dorsey, CEO Twitter] You’re next. [seems to imply that after Facebook is “taken down”, Twitter and Jack Dorsey are next on the list.]

YOU are being TRACKED. NO FB account required. This is BIGGER than you think. Agencies attached. [No matter whether one is “in Facebook”, with FB, we’re being tracked no matter what.]

Syria. Hold until CONF. MIL assets on the ground locked out of GZ. ISRAEL strike harmed ability to prove events. Clown report must be VERIFIED. Troop unwind to STILL occur. Have faith. Trust POTUS.

[comment] POTUS SAID THEY BROKE IN [Q] They broke in during the fire. Distraction. [implies the whole “FBI raids Cohen office” is a distraction.]

1121 [relates to 1112]
Actions today [raid] will be met w/ swift action. FBI burning midnight oil.

1123 [see IMAGE]
Who is standing next to Pence & POTUS? Message? Bolton cleaning house. Out they go! A clean House is very important. [This is General Mattis and Admiral Rogers. General Dunford is to the left of Mattis. I have seen analyses from various peole that say Bolton was brought in to “clean house” in the White House.]
Kp add on note: Here is a quote from a Reddit post comment (from KingWolfei):

I remember last time Trump gathered all the generals around was when Trump introduced “calm before the storm.” The storm may already be here. Trump has the perfect element of surprise now with this Syria FF… All his enemies expect him to act by launching some kind of strike on Syria when he can do something completely different to throw them off.

@Snowden Yes. Testify then drop. We have it all. These people are stupid. Fireworks. POTUS’ weekly address. END. [This certainly seems to relate to the recent testimony of MZ (Mark Zuckerberg). Apparently they’re going to let all these social media owners testify, and then “drop” the data about them (and perhaps this comes from @Snowden). Also view this short David Seaman video where he talks about this 1124 post at the beginning.]

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