A Jordan-Isaac-Jordan #QAnon #ResignationsUptheWazoo Video Sandwich… 4-5-18

Well, these struck home, and brought out a few points I had not seen in the latest #Q postings. Isaac (#Antischool) Green also runs through the enormous amount of resignations (major ones) that have occurred during the past few months. BIG time, baby!

Thanks to these “newer on the scene” Truth Warriors for their “putting it out there”.


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Check out the resignations here. From Goldman Sachs to ESPN to the Vatican to the FBI. https://t.co/EDXRKfMCgm Don’t forget about 25k sealed indictments…. https://twitter.com/damartin32/status… Zuckerberg to step down from Facebook…. McCain will not seek re-election….. 5:5 ominously mentioned by Q… HRC vid? Trump approval at 51% Trump signs EO sending National Guard to border….. Trump to withdraw from Iran Nuke Deal: reports….. Cops met with shooter before #YoutubeShooting… The Pentagon is close to awarding a $10 billion deal to Amazon despite Trump’s tweets attacking the company…. 1832 Rothschild loan to the Holy See… Vatican – Cabal connection Facebook Bans Image of Jesus for ‘Excessively Violent Content’….. The Analysis Corporation started by John Brennan in 1990 (Obama’s cia head) #QAnon What do they really do? Process our data.

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