, Cosmic Disclosure FREE episode, “Bioship” (3-20-18, with David Wilcock and Emery Smith)

It’s more like 40 hours right now. I’m listening to it now and it is, as with others, quite fascinating. It’s with Emery Smith.

Some may wish to take a listen to this while it’s still available to all, for free.

David Wilcock [and Emery Smith]
S10:Ep5 31 mins

Imagine a being that shares consciousness and DNA with the craft it uses to traverse the cosmos. Emery Smith recalls a time when he encountered a being who had more in common with its craft than a place of origin. While taking samples from a red-colored alien being, he was called away on a special run to examine a craft which had a strong similarity to the being he just left on the examination table. He tells of his experience within this craft, how it was built, and the unique bond it holds with its operator.

Here is a link to the Gaia article about the episode. And remember that transcripts of these episodes are always posted at Sphere Being Alliance blog.

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