Tolec, Andromeda Council VIDEO 3-8-18… “DEEP DISCLOSURE (Down the Rabbit Hole), Segment 2”

This is something Tolec released on 3-8-18, the final day of the Kauai-Pacific mission. I’m listening to the beginning of it now, but felt it was to be posted immediately. The first video segment of this was at this Kp blog post.

They discuss some of the energies we’re in and energy changes we’re going through (at about 20 minutes), which are all related to energy coming from the sun. MsM (Ms. M) says we’re in a current flare that we’ll feel through the 11th, then 3 days “down”, then start to feel the “main event” on the 15th, then major wave through the 18th.

Published on Mar 8, 2018
M & MsM asked me to tell you: “We will have an assistance program that will help people get ‘a plan’ together. Everything is staged or phased. Programs will roll-out… as fast as possible.”~ Please join M, MsM, Tolec, Clifford Mahooty & more at: 2018 Sedona Transformational Shift Conference.



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