Dr. Jerome Corsi 3-3-18… “Jerome Corsi Live Stream” (aka, “Outpourings of Love and Light”) #InternetBillofRights VIDEO RESTORED

[Kp update: apparently these videos are being backed up at Info Wars News YouTube page. Here is the link for this one.]

[Kp note: the added title was supposed to be “Outpourings of Love and Light”] [And now the video says it was “Removed by the user”… have no idea what he did with it.]

I’ve listened to the first 15 minutes of this and am finding it very uplifting and informative discussion of what is going on, and what is happening over the planet, with YouTube, the Trump positions on this, and #InternetBillofRights.

old link (for reference only… does not work)

Published March 3, 2018

Dr. Corsi lives with his family in New Jersey, where he is a full-time writer. Due to certain platforms censoring and demonizing conservative voices such as mine, you can assist me by sending a one-time contribution via PayPal https://www.paypal.me/Jeromecorsi or by becoming a monthly contributor at Patreon

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