Jordan Sather and Isaac Green 2-22-18… “Anti-School x Destroying the Illusion – Social Media Censorship Can’t Stop The Great Awakening” VIDEO

One reason this video hit was that it presents several examples of how the old paradigm corporations, like Google, Yahoo, etc., must be pretty desperate right now as they continue to “ban” people and delete their accounts, for no stated reason. This somehow goes along with this earlier Kp message, where I mentioned several items related to social media (and other) censorship being attempted.

This discussion between Jordan and Isaac Green, who just had his YouTube account deleted, I found very helpful to my understanding of what is going on right now. The hornets nest has been surrounded and poked, and now many of the hornets appear to be trying to “strike back”.

This also is connected with the purpose of today’s Kīlauea Portal Mission

Btw I could not connect with the documents he has linked below. The GoFundMe account appears to work, though.

Published on Feb 22, 2018
Isaac Green at ANTI SCHOOL was banned for questioning the mainstream media narrative of ‘CRISIS ACTORS’

He reached an audience of 68,000 subscribers in 3-4 months.

He was banned from The Google platform Youtube for 2 weeks, and received a copyright strike for ‘HARRASSMENT’. He was then BANNED permanently without explanation.

He started a GoFundme for Free Speech, raised $1000, and was banned in 2 hours.
He is now filing a federal lawsuit with others against Google, Youtube, GoFundMe, Twitter

Anti School Lawsuit

Anti School Affadavit
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