Fascinating video from You Are Free TV 2-22-18… “#MK_LTRA: USA Undermined By FBI Divsion 5”

I’m posting this for one reason… there is a lot of possibly interesting data in here, none of which I can possibly have any chance of “validating”. But it was rather fascinating, that’s for sure. See how this connects with your own Higher Discernment Innards.


Published on Feb 22, 2018
Timothy Holmseth has been proclaimed a Witness to the on-going proceedings of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. This was reported to me personally by Robert David Steele, Commissioner.

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I appreciate your ongoing support for my channel. My hope is that we can build bridges of communication and transcend the obstacles of hatred and delusion they place before us. We, The People, have a Universal Right to Freedom, beyond all of the propaganda! Stand together!

Please support and spread the news on Timothy Holmseth. He has been fighting Pedogate for almost a decade and needs our assistance. https://www.writeintoaction.com

The Broward County school shooting false flag murderous event has all of the tells necessary to bring down a major portion of the Deep State based in Florida, but connected to multiple pedo-trafficking states and also international trafficking involving the vatican. We need to jump on this #PERFECTSTORM.

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