Victurus Libertas 2-19-18 VIDEO… “Former CIA Robert David Steele, Gold Backed Cryptos,China Ghost Cities – Wealth Transfer To The East” (and/or “Robert David Steele In Tokyo, Trump – Deep State Update, Benjamin Fulford & Princess Kaoru Nakamaru”)

[Kp update: I converted this to an MP3, available here. An audio track is below.]

There’s two different titles and two videos which appear to be the same (video 1, video 2) so there you have both links. I’ve posted the first linked video below. This was in my view, a very excellent overview of RDS discussions with Benjamin, and I’m glad I watched it. The elements discussed here indicate how things are likely to unfold in the planetary economies, etc., and in my view, portend a huge uplift in the vibration of planet earth.

A related RDS article about his trip is here.

Published on Feb 19, 2018
We had a 30 minute sit down with RDS to discuss his trip to Japan, his meeting with Princess Kaoru Nakamaru and Benjamin Fulford, Sustainable societies using Open source technologies, Trump and the deep state & much more

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I also converted this to an MP3, available here. An audio track is below.

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