YouAreFreeTV 2-11-18… “Who Is {P}? Q Team “Saving the Best For Last” and YAFTV Is Back!”

Found this video, as many of her other ones, very informative about all the “things going on” at this moment. Very likely that [P] = Pence.

Published on Feb 11, 2018
Q today warns us of FF’s this week and hints that GhwB is hiding out in his bunker under his ranch outside Houston, TX. Who in the Trump administration is tightly connected to the Bush family? Who is seen seated with Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, at the “FUN” Games?

It’s good to be back in action, Freedom Lover’s. More Q just came in since I made this video, and I think it may support what YAFTV has put forth here. What’s your opinion?

Thanks so much for the incredible show of support while i was “offline” last week. Prayers and support for this channel is enormously appreciated and my heart is with you all.
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