For those interested in CBD (cannabidiol) products, BEWARE of this company… “Diet Supplements SEC”

[Kp update: recall this Kp message post about “Penetrating Energies”… this is likely part of that for me, as I feel I have been “needled” by this apparent scam company, yet it is my Inner responsibility to see them in the Light, and all that, just as I would with other beings, and let go of any idea of “hurt” or “loss” or “wrong”. If they indeed are scamming people, for their own benefit and profit, that will return to them, likely in multifold ways, whether they know that or not. And it is my deal to simply stand up for my Self, and move on.]

I never post things like this, but I recently found a “great deal” on what they said was a trial sample of “Pure CBD Oil”, for $5.95, and for only $1.95 more, you could get a trial bottle of CBD gel caps. So I got the package, saw the two charges on my CC account, and so that was it. I thought. And I presumed I’d just have an unlimited time to try them.

Then a few days after receiving the “trial samples”, I received a notice from my bank about an attempted charge of $79.95 on my CC, from HEKKAD*SLIMFRESH, which they supposedly blocked.

I later called the company number (on the CC charge information (888-264-4406)) and they said when I ordered the samples I had 10 days after receiving, after which I was “signed up” for a monthly subscription… $79.95/month, unless I said I liked it, where they would charge a lower price for the subscription.

Now I was smelling BS, so I checked them out. Here’s the company name listed on the label:

Diet Supplements SEC
500 North Rainbow Blvd. Suite 300
Las Vegas NV 89107
844-806-2294 (different from the CC info telephone)

Below are a few links about this company, and I would guess they are a scam corporation that is trying to get money by doing this sort of unethical “sign them up for a subscription whether they like it or not” kind of thing. I NEVER saw anything about a subscription when I ordered this stuff, in fact I have no idea where I found them.

They appear to have a very low BBB rating, and like I said, many have been “signed up” and lost several hundred dollars. So far, I do have a charge of $79.95 on my CC, and that appeared AFTER the card supposedly had been cancelled. I’m trying to get that figured out with the bank. A new CC is on its way (with a brand new number, of course).

As many who read this may be interested in CBD oil, I felt I should post this.

Here’s the links…

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