Related to the Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer) latest Cobra update, SGTReport 1-14-18 VIDEO… “Q: Strings Cut – There is no Escape for the Clintons”

And I would also add, “There is no Escape for anyone trying to continue the ‘dark agendas'”. This closely relates to the latest Cobra update. Also it might be helpful to view this recent Kp blog post, and the video at the end of that, the latest GaiaPortal post, and this morning’s Kp message may also be illuminating.

A particular thing that “stood out” was that SGTReport points out who a Rothschild supported (and thus, presumably, all Rothschilds). I had earlier watched this video and intended to post it. Thanks to a certain “B” who again brought it to my attention. It’s happening, baby!!

Published on Jan 14, 2018
The Clintons and their minions are in deep, deep trouble. The indictments have begun. According to new posts by Q, “the strings have been cut. Highest levels. The puppet masters have been removed.There are no deals. There is NO escape.” Here are just a few of the GOOD things that have happened since President Trump took office that would NOT have happened if Hillary had been selected.

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LUKE 8:17
For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.

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