GaiaPortal 1-6-18… “Soporifics of the Planet are slated”

[Kp update: pardon but the first “slate” definition I placed here was not the one I intended, So I’ve replaced it with the one I originally wanted.]

This new GaiaPortal as usual has some hidden messages. I did look up the two words, (I chose the definitions I felt fit:

Soporific: something that causes sleep, as a medicine or drug
Slated: To cover (a roof, for example) with slate

So perhaps those things that are causing the “sleep state” of those on this planet are now being covered (slated) so they no longer keep people from seeing the truth.

See what “htis” for you.


Soporifics of the Planet are slated

Soporifics of the Planet are slated.

Resistant energies are transmuted.

Stars align.

Forms evolve.

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