GaiaPortal 1-1-18… “Foreigns to Gaia release”

Fascinating first GaiaPortal of 2018. Perhaps “Higher Realms” are compelling us to move upward. And “He-manity awakens”… does that mean the masculine aspect of all of us?

“Sarabytes”… hmmm… I have a sense this may relate to the name “Sarah“… “The Hebrew name Sarah indicates a woman of high rank and is translated as “princess” or “noblewoman”.” (presumably this could also point to the Sara in Africa, “The Sara people are an ethnic group predominantly residing in southern Chad”. I’m sure many will have their own ideas about this one.


Foreigns to Gaia release

Foreigns to Gaia release.

Higher realms compel.

He-manity awakens to the dealings.

Sarabytes gather.

Foundations are finished.

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