Inessa S 11-29-17… “USA who? Putin the Peacemaker strikes again” VIDEO

This is a short video that displays some of the current Middle East events as they relate to what Russia is doing with Syria, plus a bonus of how the last US administration (USA Corp) tried to get Syria under its thumb (aka, “Assad must go”). It rather “goes along with” the previous Lada Ray post.

Published on Nov 29, 2017
The future of Syria, has perhaps been decided on November 22, during the talks of the presidents of Russia, Iran and Turkey in Sochi. On the agenda of the meeting was a political settlement in this country, after the defeat of ISIS. The United States was not invited to the show, but it can still intervene in the plans of the Moscow coalition.

Turkey and Iran are of course on the opposite sides of the Syrian conflict – so to bring both sides to the round-table is quite the achievement of Russia.

An important part of the preparation for the summit was Putin’s meeting with Bashar Assad on November 20 in Sochi. The Syrian President thanked Russia for saving his country, claimed the defeat of the rebel factions and announcing the forthcoming political process.

At the same time, expecting the US to fundamentally change its position on Syria is a long shot – the “Assad must go” rhetoric is not off the table when it comes to the Western coalition. The US media reproaches its president for the lack of a counter strategy in the Middle East. “The United States has renounced the role of an influential diplomatic player in Syria, passing it to Russia. Ultimately, the US contributes to a political process in which Russia will be the main engine, and does not meet the strategic goals of America, ” writes Wall Street Journal.

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