GaiaPortal 11-28-17… “Federal standards are raised in advance of income Light Bearers”

Well, this one seemed really “out of place” from the “traditional” GaiaPortals, but a closer look may show another possibility. Of course, “income Light Bearers” could refer to the efforts of DJT to bring more jobs to the US, “bringing Light” into the “income” economy arena.

But if one looks at one definition of income, it says, “an inflow or influx”. So it may refer to those “Light Bearers” who are coming in at this time. The word, Federal, perhaps means that “governmental” standards are being raised to accommodate the new Light Forces coming in.

Perhaps the most significant sentence is, “hu-being expansion is at hand”. With all of the Q Clearance, etc., revelations, many are pointing to a rather key moment when the general “asleep population” wakes up… and consciousness expands.

And does the “Trains” in the phrase, “Trains of Illumination”, mean the “Trump Trains”? Perhaps. But I sense it’s even larger than DJT (or his hair!).


Federal standards are raised in advance of income Light Bearers

Federal standards are raised in advance of income Light Bearers.

Flashes of Brilliance Light the skies.

hu-being expansion is at hand.

Nothing can stop the Trains of Illumination.

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