Kp Message 10-19-17… “Every ‘Thing’ in ‘the Life’ has its Time and Place” (aka, “Just follow the Higher Inner Guidance (dammit!)”)

This will be short (maybe). And it relates to this prior Kp Message and this Steven Seagall video post.

All those messages reflected what I’ve been going through internally as I faced one question: “Will I pay income taxes this year?” (for 2016)

I know people who do pay taxes, regularly, and I know people who do not pay taxes, and I know people who do assist those people in that (here’s one).

I looked at both options (pay vs. not pay). A few months ago, I “got” that it was part of my path to actually pay this year (I’ve not paid (nor had to pay) for several years, due to income level). But this year, I also looked at the “not pay” option, and there was a tad of merit in that. Besides, I view this whole “tax thing” as a fancily crafted Babylonian magick system that really is probably not necessary (and probably not constitutional, etc., etc.). That’s a whole ‘nother story, however.

For me it eventually became clear that part of my helping to “dissolve the matrix”, was to actually file the papers and pay… while, at the same time, imbuing those papers and payments with “Light, Love, and High Vibration Matrix De-gluifier”. I felt my part was to do this from within the matrix system. And to send it in with absolutely no bitching, moaning, or complaining about the “terribleness” of the whole tax system, as well as without any particle of fear (of repercussions, or losing the money, etc., etc.)…

…just “Light, Love, and High Vibration Matrix De-gluifier”.

I will give no more of my own personal experiences with this, except one… when at one point I had chosen to send in the “not pay taxes” papers, I drove down to Pu’uhonua o Honaunau (Place of Refuge), but I got the “wrong” street, and ended up driving the “wrong” way, on a one-way street. Immediately I got the message… what I was considering (the “not pay” option) was not mine… namely, I was headed the “wrong way” (for my path, at least)*.

So something about the “not pay” was not for me. And lots of deals may be involved with that. It’s not “mine” to figure those out. Just to follow that which I consider as, “Higher Inner Guidance”.

So that’s kind of what brought out that “Every ‘Thing’ in ‘the Life’ has its Time and Place” part of the title. At some point, the “not pay” option may be the deal I will follow. But right now, in this now moment, that option is not for me.

“Just follow that Higher Inner Guidance (dammit!)”

Aloha, Kp

* (there were some other strong signals I received, including a dream where I had chosen the “not pay”, and found myself in a whirlpool, being spun around, my face barely above the water, barely able to breathe)

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