Mauna Kea TMT BLNR Contested Case Final Argument videos, 9-20-17

I’ve been watching a few of these in the last couple days, and felt the desire to place them here for others to get a flavor for what is happening regarding the TMT (Thirty Meter Telescope) situation. Here is a link to a prior Kp blog post about this which some may wish to view. There are three pro-Mauna Kea videos and three pro-TMT videos.

2015 was the year when Mauna Kea protectors prevented the beginning of construction of the telescope, and there was a continual pressing of the issue that there had never been a contested case hearing (before the BLNR = Board of Land and Natural Resources) to approve the construction. The efforts of various local groups and their attorneys eventually led to the presentation of their case before the State of Hawaii supreme court. The court decided that the contested case should have been held, and invalidated TMT’s construction permit.

So now there have been final arguments before the BLNR, and they will then make a decision whether to grant a Conservation District Use Permit (CDUP) for the TMT (hopefully I’ve got those details right).

I have watched these videos, not using the intellect, but rather with my na’au (solar plexus), from the depths of connection with the Mauna. I know who I am connected with. See what you connect with here.

Thanks to Big Island Video News for these excellent videos.

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