FULL SPEECH [9-19-17, on RT]: “Trump addresses world problems at the 72nd UN General Assembly”

Click image to go to 8:12 in the video.

I felt drawn to post this after viewing a note by PAB on FB. I add Peter’s comment:

“THE PEOPLE ARE SOVEREIGN. The “awake” good people of the internet, around the world, know.. ALL good people, are sovereign.. AND President Trump, just let it be known, that, HE ALSO KNOWS IT..!!

“This.. of course goes clean against what those pushing the New World Order “Holy” agenda are trying to bring about..!”

The theme of individual personal and individual country sovereignty is being “put out there” by President Trump quite often. Also he continually speaks about taking care of the US country and its people first, and assisting the rest of the world after that. And that is what struck me from this speech. I suggest starting at 8:12 and listening for a few minutes.

From the beginning, I have “got” that in one way or another, President Trump is indeed working with an alliance to bring constructive change to this planet. I still believe that, and “feel” it.

There are surely some things I will not align with from that speech, but that particular “sovereignty snippet” really “stood out” for me, and that is what I primarily wanted to share.


Streamed live on Sep 19, 2017

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