GaiaPortal 9-18-17… “Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed”

A new GaiaPortal update, which arrived a couple days ago. For myself, the fascinating part about this is the reference to “Maritimes“.

Now “maritime” means “of, relating to, or adjacent to the sea”. But “Maritimes” means “the collective name for the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island”. This Wikiprdia reference adds, “Following the northerly retreat of glaciers at the end of the Wisconsin glaciation over 10,000 years ago, human settlement by First Nations began in the Maritimes with Paleo-Indians during the Early Period, ending around 6,000 years ago”. So there is a definite Canada “First Nations” connection in this message, from my view.

Well, let’s see what this is, and how it plays out.


Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed

Preliminaries of Gaia ascension have completed.

Subsequent Higher Energies are released, and accepted by Humanity.

Fibres of intent strengthen.

Maritimes complete the mission.

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