The Event Chronicle 7-17-17… “The Takedown Of The Elite Is About To Begin”

This 40 minute show is one that I felt drawn to listen to, but I have yet to finish. There are many messages from this that appear to indicate that the takedown is “about to” begin… although I would say that it has already begun.

Take the best and leave the rest.


The Takedown Of The Elite Is About To Begin

Volume adjusted MP3s (note: short music at both ends removed): Complete Part 1 Part 2
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UMich consumer confidence declines to the lowest since before the election, hope vanishes.
Chain restaurants a traffic and revenue decline, this is a disaster.
Auto loan origination decline to the lowest since the financial crisis.
Core retail sales implode as the industry continually crashes.
Industrial production slows.
JP Morgan leaves an important slide out of their earnings conference which shows credit cards charge offs are on the rise.
New paper reveals the plan of the bankers to remove cash from the system.
Jeff Session makes huge arrest in the health industry.
The corporate media is continually pushing their agenda, the more they push the worse it is for them.
Loretta Lynch was spying on meeting with Trump Jr. Trump’s new FBI director was asked if he would investigate Hillary Clinton, he said yes.
Russia says time is running out they are ready to remove spies from their country.
Trump admin in negotiations to hand back the compound to Russia.
North Korea warns the US and UN about sanctions.
Indonesia renames the South China Sea.
Turkey will not allow German law makers on their base.
The coalition reports that terrorists are not entering Syria or Iraq, they have been cutoff.
Time is ticking down, the take down is about to begin, all the pieces are in place.

This article (The Takedown Of The Elite Is About To Begin) was originally published on X22 Report and syndicated by The Event Chronicle

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