Jimmy Church from ECETI 7-9-17… “BREAKING NEWS: UFO Hangar Door opens on top of Mt. Adams/ECETI June 30, 2017″”

“Hangar Door” on Mt. Adams?

Amazing footage captured by several of the participants at the annual ECETI conference. I had seen a Jordan Sather video describing this “hole in the mountain” opening up while they were there. From the footage shown in this video, it does appear to be something that may very well be a UFO craft “hangar doorway”… it even shows some types of UFOs flying near the “hangar door”. Check it out!!

[Important nomenclature note: since this is the first hole seen (perhaps there’s more), and since it’s on Mount Adams, should this one be called the “A-hole”?]


Published on Jul 9, 2017
During the recent ECETI Ranch conference a door opened up on top of Mt. Adams on Friday, June 30th, 2017…over the next four days it was photographed, video was shot and it was observed by over 150 witnesses…this video was shot during the event…all images are copyright by Jimmy Church, Jason Quitt and Gary Clark. The rumors of some type of ‘hangar’ door on Mt. Adams have been around for over a decade… and finally it showed itself.

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