GaiaPortal 6-22-17… “Clarifiers come forth and refresh the planet”

Holy crap!! Just finished posting the Kent Dunn interviews (here1, here2) and he’s talking about splitting away from the old timelines and so on, and then this GaiaPortal update pops out! Seems in line with a lot of things I have been reading and sensing. After the solstice, “things” felt lighter and clearer (namely, “clarifiers”, anyone?)!

I linked below to a page about Devic kingdom, home of devas, nature spirits, in the text as well.

For further interpretations, I suggest checking Rosalie Parker and The Event Hub.


Clarifiers come forth and refresh the planet

Clarifiers come forth and refresh the planet.

Storms of Light connect.

Devics multiply.

Gaia connections strengthen.

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