Kp (extremely limited) notes on David Wilcock 5-22-17 Intensive

Well, “extremely limited” means “hardly any” (hey, I was photo-ing his slides so it was tough to switch between notes and camera), but maybe these will spark an Inner Point for further research.

And may or may not add to what Joan’s notes include.

[Posted from sideways (horizontal) position in bed… resting.]


Dna absorbs photons.

Veggies organic have photons more per sq in. Than human skin.

Vegan not so good. Still need sone animal products. Ghee is good.

There’s protein (gleadin) added to wheat. ADM scientists directed to weaponise food.

gleadin = excitotoxin

Movie “Fed Up” Katie Couric

Get rid of wheat and sugar.

Eggs good, ethically grown meats, bison are required to be raised ethically

Touchdown ascension… Individual goes to rainbow body.
Field goal ascension… Dragnet that scoops everyone up

Jesuits have 25% alien DNA

Golden Race = We all get Light bodies

Halo = Stargate

Roman Empire really screwed up Christianity

Fire from Heaven = Solar flash

Angel = messenger from outer space

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