“Calling Out” the MSM… 5-11-17, RT video… “‘Russians tricked us’: US media outcry over exclusion from Trump Lavrov meeting”

This video was included in a Lada Ray article, which I post following this post. Anyway, it certainly goes along with the theme of “‘Calling Out’ the MSM” (the US MSM), and it is quite evident to me that pretty much everything the US MSM tries to do with almost anything these days is being “called out” by one person or internet outlet or another. This also goes along with the “Draining the Swamp” theme which was covered in this (early) morning’s Kp Radio Hawaii show.

Two points here, 1) US MSM were all “PO’d” by only having two photographers (one Russian, one American), but 2) when the Ukraine FM was photographed in the Oval Office with Trump, there was NO outcry. The MSM is controlled. They are not there to “be objective” anymore.

The image (upper left) is, in my view, a key moment in the Trump era, because it shows that in spite of everything the MSM-USA-CORP has tried to do, the “Russia is the devil” theme “ain’t working no more”. As Lada Ray has often pointed out, Russia is playing the “Great Planetary Balancer”, and they (and all of us “planetaries”) are succeeding along with them.


Published on May 11, 2017
U.S. media have been getting worked up about the presence of a Russian photographer at the first meeting between Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and the American president. Trump’s first face-to-face with Russia’s top diplomat was held behind closed doors at the White House. After the meeting these photos were released by a Russian news agency. And the U.S. media took that as an affront. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/8beq

Associated with this video is the RT article below, from which I provide a snippet or two.

‘Hysteria over my White House shoot is nonsense’ – Russian photographer who filmed Lavrov & Trump

“A Russian photographer from the TASS news agency, who was the official photographer for Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov during his US trip, has spoken out about the hype surrounding his recent work assignment, describing the criticism as “absurd and ludicrous.”… photographer Aleksandr Shcherbak, together with an American photojournalist, were in the Oval Office ahead of the closed-door meeting between Lavrov and US President…

“”Proper protocol was followed in this procedure,” the White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said at a Thursday press briefing, adding that the White House also “had an official photographer in the room.”

““I cannot understand the hysteria around this issue,” Shcherbak told RT, rejecting such insinuations as ridiculous. “Everyone who’s has to undergo a standard screening procedure. First they checked me, then my belongings and devices, and only afterwards took me to the Oval Office… I think this media outcry is due to their anger of not being allowed in for such an important meeting. But I’m not surprised anymore by what Western media outlets say. As we have seen they do not hold themselves to any ethical standard,” the photographer added.”

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