Veterans Today and Lada Ray 5-4-17 articles about “France, Le Pen, and the ‘Diacritical Mark'”

…and, yes, “diacritical mark” refers to “Emmanuel Macron” (see this Kp blog post, and that Kp blog post). As mentioned before, Macron seems to have appeared “out of the blue”, and according to these articles, is properly groomed to be the “Rothschild puppet of choice” for France.

The first article is from VT, written by Phil Butler, with comments by Jim Dean. The second is more centered on Le Pen, and describes what Russia and Putin (and Trump) have done (are doing) to help her win the France presidency, and why they are doing so.

NEO – If France Elects Rothschild’s Manservant President (Phil Butler, Jim Dean, VT 5-4-17)

[JD] “The fairy tale of Emmanuel Macron emerging as an “organic candidate”, new party and all, out of the blue, always struck me as the Deep State crowd testing if P.T. Barnum’s old maxim, “There’s a sucker born every minute” was still in play. It is. Macron was obviously put in play by someone, not only with deep pockets…

[JD] “Phil Butler gives a peek behind the curtain into “Who dun it” land… The bright side this all is that charges of countries interfering in other countries’ elections is no longer a verboten topic. Quite the contrary, it is in vogue now. But any mention of well-heeled intelligence agencies doing such is still discussed only in whispers and masked internet accounts.

[PB] “In a redux of “Hillary is bound to win”, Reuters and the mainstream are once again pulling out all the stops prophesying Marine Le Pen’s impending loss to Rothschild’s candidate, Emmanuel Macron… the fact that Rothschild is sending in the manservant reveals a desperation. Apparently, France is the key battlefield in the desperate battle for control of Europe.

[PB] “Just try to find a positive cartoon or image of Le Pen, and you’ll get a sense of the media deck stacked against her. Europe is being terrorized almost daily, France is ground zero for Islamic lunatics, and right next door Germany is creating a kind of Fourth Reich propaganda machine. Welcome to the nut house where Marine Le Pen is a bad choice to counterbalance insanity.”

Why Putin and Trump Endorsed Marine Le Pen (Lada Ray, FT 5-4-17)

“By meeting in person with Marine Le Pen in the Kremlin Vladimir Putin basically endorsed her. The meeting in Moscow was an unusual step by the Russian President… Why did Putin meet with Le Pen – a step almost unprecedented in Russian history?… neither Russia nor the USSR made a habit of meeting major foreign opposition presidential candidates before elections. The US and EU, on the other hand, play such subversive role all the time… But the situation is changing. The stakes are unusually high, as we go through the Great Earth Shift. The rebalancing act Russia – The Great Balancer is trying to execute is very delicate indeed. Under such conditions old rules go out the window. New moves have to be adopted. Russia begins taking the leaf out of the USA’s book.

“…in response to a journalist’s question who Putin preferred as US president, Clinton or Trump, Putin replied almost casually, ‘Trump, but,’ he added immediately, ‘it is for the American people to decide.’ That single phrase served as a catalyst for Trump personally and for his electorate, helping alter the dynamics of US elections and tipping the balance in favor of Trump.

“A simple mention of Trump in a favorable light helped him win. Therefore, a bolder move with France and Le Pen was logical. Le Pen’s visit to Russia and audience with Putin put a nice amount of wind in her wings and helped mobilize her electorate… Donald Trump also threw his support behind Marine Le Pen. To counter that, Obama, who is (believe it or not) very popular in France, called Macron to congratulate and endorse him.

“The globalists have unlimited resources, including global media, finances, PR, enormous political and economic leverage, global clandestine intel and surveillance, governments and EU bureaucratic apparatus. They can swing elections the way they want through all these obvious and secret means… Therefore, Trump and Putin endorsing Marine Le Pen was done to try to even out the playing field at least somewhat.”

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