In Honor of Crimea 2014… (and my waking up to how USA-NATO CORP tries to do “regime change”)… my favorite Enjoykin VIDEO (plus 2 other Enjoykin favorites)


Enjoykin is a video producer in Russia (I presume, since all his videos are in Russian). In 2014 he came out with a video centered on newly appointed Crimea chief prosecutor, Natalya Poklonskaya (related Kp blog post). I was just enthralled with his productions, and I found a couple others I liked, which I post here, along with the Natalya Poklonskaya one (now with 34 MM views!). I love the energy of these videos. And I love hearing the Russian.

All of this coming out in 2014 was a key time for myself, in that the Ukraine “overthrow” events helped wake me up to how USA-NATO CORP “does regime change”. Very “awakening” for me.

The one below, with the young man pretending to be an astronaut, is sort of like I was at one point… loving the exploration of space, and wanting to be an astronaut.


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