A Couple of Lada Rays… “Putin Schools Merkel on Geopolitics” (5-3-17) and “Fake News vs Truth: … How the West Sabotages Crimea” (4-30-17) (and the NEW ESR 18 is out, baby!!)

Artist’s rendering of the Crimea Bridge

I had a sense it was time for some Europe-Russia-Crimea type news, and I’ve been receiving updates from Lada Ray, so I’m quite sure she has her fingers on the pulse. I especially enjoyed reading the article about Crimea (and, naturally, all the fake MSM news being put out about it; so what else is new?). Somewhere inside me there is a soft heart space for Crimea and her courageous people. Remember Natalya Poklonskaya? And this video (related Kp blog post)?

First of all, I’ll first mention ESR 18, “New Earth Shift Report 18! Lada Ray French Election Predictions: Le Pen- Macron Face-Off” (direct link to report). I’m sure many will have interest in that.

The others I’ve placed below, title and highlights (from my view). The first one below illustrates the GCM* moves by Vladimir Putin in “digging” into NATO by choosing a date which was both victory day by Russia over the Nazis in WWII, and the date when the NATO-supported (including Germany, of course) Ukro-Nazi government burned many people to death in the uprising (and illegal overthrow of the elected government) of 2014.


Vladimir Putin Schools Merkel on Geopolitics and Democracy (+ Russian Gas Update) (5-3-17)

“On May 2 Putin had a phone conversation with Donald Trump, during which the two agreed to meet soon, probably during the approaching German G20 Summit. On May 3, 2017 Putin has met with Turkish president Erdogan. Clearly these two events are tied with Merkel’s visit. Trump and Putin meeting in Germany means the host needs to check in with both. In addition to the EU and German needs, Merkel seems to have assumed the temporary role of a liaison between Russia and US.

“Merkel came to Moscow with several goals: 1. To compare notes on Ukraine and Minsk-2 negotiations, which… came to a standstill due to Kiev junta’s violations. 2. To make sure the construction of the crucial Nord Stream 2 was on track… 3. To try scoring some political points before German elections, by showing German MSM present at the Putin-Merkel presser how tough she is on ‘bad’ Russia.

“THE CURIOUS CHOICE OF THE DATE… It’s safe to say that Putin deliberately chose May 2. What’s so special about this…? Two things: 1. On May 2, 1945 Soviet troops took over Berlin, installing that famous Red Victory Banner over the defeated Reichstag… 2. On May 2, 2014 ukro-nazi fascists, supported by Germany, US and EU, burned dozen… of people alive on Odessa’s Kulikovo Polie. The only crime of these peaceful protesters was that they disagreed with the ukro-nazi Kiev regime and wanted to speak their native Russian language.

“As to Minsk-2, there was a surprising unity between Putin and Merkel, to a huge disappointment of Kiev. Minsk-2 has to be observed. There won’t be re-negotiation of the original terms, and contrary to Kiev’s continued hopes, there won’t be a new agreement.”

Fake News vs Truth: ‘Power Shortages’ and Crimean Bridge – How the West Sabotages Crimea

“LADA RAY SAYS… the referenced article [link] is fake news and lame propaganda. And it’s written with an indecent kind of glee, which attests to a low calibration of the ‘journalists’ behind it. The real truth:

“Crimean power now is already enough to sustain the needs of citizens, plus the present tourism volume, which is going up and has reached 6-7 million guests a year. There were severe power shortages after the Ukraine ukro-nazis and Crimean Tartar Mejlis terrorists blew up powerlines to Crimea in December 2015. This left 2.5 mln people without power and heat for two weeks during winter. I don’t recall the ‘liberals’ and ‘humanitarians’ in the West expressing indignation over such terrorism

“Russia quickly built the underwater ‘power bridge’ to Crimea, consisting of four bundles of power lines and telephone cables. Russia quickly delivered additional power generators (incidentally, with Chinese help)… Crimea has the capacity to receive over 10 million tourists per year…

Let’s never forget that fake news is the new chosen weapon in the global info war against Russia… There is an all out info war against Russia. Ukraine and other E. European ‘countries,’ such as the Baltics and Poland, are at the forefront of this info war. Ukraine and others’ ministries of propaganda spread fake news about ‘protests’ in Russia, ‘hunger and shortages’ in Donbass and Crimea. Western publications happily parrot all this. Western sources are routinely caught quoting obscure Ukrainian publications, known for spreading hoaxes, fake news and targeted info dumps. No facts are checked. Please be careful what you read and whom you trust.

“The truth is, The Crimean Bridge is being built well ahead of schedule and it will soon alleviate the transportation pressure on the peninsula. Another investment in the bright future of Crimea it has been dubbed ‘The Construction Project of the Century.’ It is a rare engineering feat indeed… Crimean Kerch Bridge is a bridge between Mainland Russia and the Crimean Peninsula, built between the Azov and Black Seas… Lots of exciting and fascinating stuff is happening in and around Crimea. I’m sure in the future we’ll talk more about the Crimean Bridge and all things Crimea!

“What will Kiev’s energy blockade of Lugansk and Donetsk achieve? Nothing, except irrevocably distancing DPR and LPR from Ukraine and expediting the republics’ integration into Russia. Crimea has already announced that it’ll help the break-away republics achieve this goal.”

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