Two Articles that have just come out about the “And this is what I have to say about that” post (of 4-29-17)… and, yes, it involves Corey Goode

So the title refers to this Kp blog post. And yes, it does have to do with Corey Goode. So two articles have come out about this, very elegantly written, one by Michael Salla, the other by Justin Deschamps.

Personally, I am not “getting involved” with the ins and outs of all this. But I’m posting highlights from these articles (and then posting one more from Cobra), because I believe it illustrates how many “Light/Energy workers” are being, how shall we say it, “played around with”. Even Jordan Sather was “trolled” by an “appearing all of a sudden” troll person (see this video, and Jordan’s response video). And, I had a personal-space “attack” that “pushed” me to remove something from my premises.

Anyway, read a highlight or two, and feel free to check the full articles.

As Corey Goode Secret Space Program Claims go Viral Critics Step up Attacks (Michael Salla, 5-2-17)

“You would think that the celebrity status Goode has attracted would be manna from heaven for long-suffering UFO researchers marginalized by the mainstream media when it comes to claims about the reality of extraterrestrial visitation, and the secret government/military projects this has spawned. However, not all are happy about Goode’s remarkable rise and the widespread public attention he has gathered with his ground breaking testimony. UFO researchers, wanting to make their field as scientific as possible, have a long history of attacking anyone unable to back up their claims with hard evidence.

“…their main arguments against him… first… he has not submitted one iota of hard evidence for his claims. Two, he is developing a cult of personality where he is milking a gullible public to enrich himself. And, three, he has been disingenuous about his past and the circumstances that led him to become a whistleblower in the first place.

“In my latest book, The US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance (March 2017), I uncovered much in the documented claims of William Tompkins, a highly credentialed aerospace engineer whose many supporting documents also supported Goode’s testimony.

“Regarding the second criticism that Goode is promoting a cult of personality through his newly achieved celebrity status, I have to say that is a very subjective criticism that smacks of jealousy.

“I’ve gotten to know Goode very well since April 2015 when I began sharing his email responses to my questions, and have maintained regular contact with him up to the present day. I’ve found nothing awry with the way Goode is disseminating his testimony in the most effective way possible, so the public can decide for themselves how true it is. Importantly, he has never asked me for financial compensation for sharing his information, and has only been concerned with ensuring its accuracy, and it being freely available.”

Corey Goode Responds to Claims Made by [BR]

[Justin] “A person’s reputation or social image is very important in a world where most people can’t tell image from substance. If people were highly discerning and thought critically, rumors and slander (unsupportable claims stated as fact) wouldn’t be a problem. But in our world, such things can mean the difference between life and death. Most people won’t even entertain an idea if they question the character of the person sharing it—which in and of it self is a problem. By responding to these claims, Goode has an opportunity to clear the air, and restore his reputation and continue to do the work he came here to do.

[CG] “Out of over 300,000 fans, there are less than 50 detractors on Avalon. To call this a noisy minority would be an understatement. Since this has occurred I have had many emails forwarded to me by individuals that had originated from… BR, campaigning against me. Not only has he been on an email campaign to try to discredit me but has also worked behind the scenes with others to co-ordinate attacks. This is more like the behavior of an agent than anything I have done.

[CG] “We are trying to bring a bit of “Unity in the Community” so we can focus the energy of those who want to work together on disclosure. We are trying to organize people under the idea that none of us knows the entire truth. We can put aside the differences in our belief systems (reality bubbles) and work together for full disclosure. We will have to weed out those who only want division or have professional jealousy issues if we ever want disclosure. In my opinion these people are self-identifying and are minimizing their selves in this field even further than they have with previous actions.”

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