Illuminations from “Sather News” (Jordan, that is) 5-2-17… “Deep State Proxy Destruction & MSM 1/2 Truth Disclosures”

Another news type summary by Jordan. He finds the data, and reports it in his own style (and I like his reporting of it) (and here’s how to support him! PayPal, Patreon).

Published on May 2, 2017
Mainstream Media is blowing up with more soft disclosure articles. Humans living 130,000 years ago, Antarctica galore, and more information about “potential life in space”. Are they seeding our consciousness for our benefit, are they simply toying with us, or are they putting these articles out for another reason?

Today’s Sources:

Aol.News: “US-backed militias announce major advance in fight against ISIS” –
RT: “Russia ‘fully ready’ to cooperate with US on Syria – Lavrov” –
ScienceAlert: “The UK Just Switched on an Ambitious Fusion Reactor – And It Works” –
ScienceAlert: “These New Quantum Materials Can Conduct Electricity at Nearly The Speed of Light ” –
FoxNews: “The wreckage of a mysterious ancient planet is orbiting Mars, astronomers discover” –
DailyMail: “Is this stone proof an asteroid wiped out a civilisation just like ours 13,000 years ago … and does it vindicate the maverick scholar?” –
Ancient Code: “NASA: “Mankind is about to discover extraterrestrial life” –

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