RT 4-23-17… “French election 2017: Macron and Le Pen advance to presidential run off” (plus one more) (or, “How do you choose between a writing instrument and a diacritical mark???))

[Kp note: although I’ll likely post this separately at some point, some may wish to read Lada Ray’s read on the French elections, particularly her quantum calibrations of each candidate.]

Well, that end bit came after I looked up the definition for the word, “macron“… a diacritical mark (¯) placed over a letter, used in prosody, in the orthography of some languages, and in several types of phonetic respelling systems, to represent a long vowel. So there. I did not know the names of most of the France election candidates, but I did know about Marine Le Pen. And I’m quite sure that she has waked up many to the problems with France being in the EU, etc., etc. We shall see what happens in the final election (May 7).

And I include the second article because a) I liked the title, and b) I’m quite sure this is similar to how some reacted after “The Donald” won the Republican nomination (and after he won the Presidency!).


French election 2017: Macron and Le Pen advance to presidential run off

“Emmanuel Macron of the centrist En Marche! movement and Marine Le Pen of the National Front will fight for the French presidency after advancing to the second round of the country’s presidential election. Macron won 23.7% of votes in the first round, while Le Pen took 21.5% – the two will run-off on May 7.

“Le Pen adviser Jérôme Rivière described the National Front candidate as battling against the pro-EU “open borders” Macron. “People are fed up… Macron is not talking about France, but about Europe only,” he told the BBC. “We don’t like the EU, we want to gain our sovereignty back… all we have been saying is we want to go back to this Europe of nations.””

‘I won’t devote my life to a*holes’: French mayor threatens to quit after Le Pen wins in the region (4-24-17)

“Daniel Delomez, the mayor of Annezin in the Pas-de-Calais commune of northern France, vented his anger over Marine Le Pen gaining 38 percent of the votes in the region, warning he may resign because he “doesn’t want to dedicate life to as*holes.”

“Opinions are divided, with apparent Le Pen supporters urging the mayor to go ahead and quit, saying things like: “If (sic) YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS voted for Le Pen, maybe you missed something.” Another user said, “I suggest that all the locals in Annezin come forward with a complaint against this one, for his lack of respect towards the residents.”

“The results in the north come as the region struggles with the inflow of migrants. Five months after the infamous Calais ‘Jungle’ migrant camp was demolished, 10,000 refugees are dispersed all over France, with thousands setting up tents in major cities, including Paris.”

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