Statement by Donald Trump on Syria, 4-6-17… “Kp’s Reverse Speech findings”

[Kp update: thx to RC who got this for the middle one, which I agree with: “Who else is awake…”][Other suggestions from readers are highlighted in red.]

Okay… I may not be a David Oates or a Tiffany Fontenot, but I can still convert YouTubes to MP3s and reverse them, so I did this with Trump’s 4-6-17 speech (from this video). I did hear a few things, mainly three. So take from this what you will.

I’m putting the full forward and full reverse audios below, and then three combined forward and reverse (together in one audio track) of each of the three Reverse Speech bits I noticed. The first and last ones seem particularly unveiling to me, both being incongruent, meaning that the forward Trump speech does not agree with the reverse Trump speech.

FORWARD audio full track (download)

REVERSE audio full track (download)

FORWARD first, then REVERSE of parts (note: reverses were slowed by 25%) (and “says” means what I heard)

0:19 of F (2:41 of R)

F says: Assad choked out the lives of helpless men…
R says: Black Bush does it.

Kp interpretation: Does this point to Obama (Black Bush puppet), or perhaps to GHW Bush, who many consider black, meaning, a “dark entity”.

0:26 of F (2:34 of R)

F says: It was a slow and brutal death…
R says: Who else is awake. (Thanks to RC for the last word!)

Kp interpretation: Trump is asking who else is awake to what’s really going on (as he is, apparently)

1:35 of F (1:25 of R)

F says: Years of previous attempts at changing Assad’s behavior…
R says: Initiate steps… smash the savior of Syria (or “misery“, “Wasiri“).

Kp interpretation: This whole affair is intended to wipe out Assad, NOT “change his behavior”… and (surprise, surprise) it has nothing to do with “saving the Syrian people” from chemical weapons!! (and I’m presuming “savior” means Assad, but it could also point to Putin, as well)

Below is the video for those who wish to view it.


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