GaiaPortal 3-24-17… “Forested arenas are cleared of invasives”

This Gaiaportal really hits some points of what I sense is going on right now. And somewhere I ran across Richard X’s interpretation, so I’m placing that below this GaiaPortal.

For further interpretations, I suggest checking Rosalie Parker and The Event Hub.


Forested arenas are cleared of invasives

Forested arenas are cleared of invasives.

Care for hu-beings is paramount.

Hardenings are cracked.

Galactics approach.

Cosmic awareness expands.


Richard X’s interpretation

1. Tree of Life has been replanted … branches removed … splicing techniques discarded … back to original blueprint … beautiful expressive majestic familial forests grow in freedom on Ki Sophia’s NEW EARTH … safe in The Great White Brotherhood star system … bubbles of light have been busy collecting the flowers of joyfulness … ALL is stored at the Great Mansion … eggs will hatch with the new golden sparks
2. Enlightenment is a destructive process … care has to be taken with the rod of fire … therefore vibrations are raised slowly for the form to balance and to recuperate within
3. Outer shells of parasitical thought forms that encase the constructs are cracking open … allowing the light of wisdom/love to enter in … dispersing the hiding hungry attachments that … lurketh in the dark
4. The Kumaras of The Great White Brotherhood are leading the way
5. Cosmic Fire … opens the mind to comprehend what was unknown … always expanding towards The Christ Consciousness merge … ready now … for THE FLASH

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