Two VIDEOS about “CIA Directed Energy Targeting”, and a solution, “End Your Targeting Symptoms”

I know that some people (Light/Energy Workers) experience these, including the ones in the videos, and I know James Gilliland and several others have talked about this occurring in their own worlds. Perhaps these videos can assist. The first video includes a doctor of something-or-other (Dr. John Hall, and it’s of “anesthesia and pain management medicine”) who has dealt with people who feel they are being targeted (TI = Targeted Individual). The second video offers a solution he has discovered (I’m sure there are others out there).

Published on Mar 20, 2017
Dr. John Hall”s book can be found here:
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Find Stephen Shellenberger here:

Published on Jan 13, 2017

Rid yourself of electronic harassment symptoms. Put a nail in the coffin of their program.


I will not argue this issue on this comments page. If you disagree, then don’t do it. Simple. Or debate with me here – ..just remember that you’re arguing with someone who was hit HARD with this technology. Not barely or lightly hit. Very hard. And this is someone (me) who has ZERO symptoms of this tech anymore. Also remember that 100% of the people I’ve worked with on a personal level ALL have this infection. 100% of them. All stated in the video. If, after reading this and watching, you still want to debate with me, then use the email address above. But I will not allow it on the page.

I won’t allow distractions or trying to change the subject of this video. Let’s stay on target like Luke Skywalker. Even if you have to shut off your computer (like Luke Skywalker). Lots of trolls and/or sock puppets come to my videos and try to pop in particular keywords or whatnot…or leave disinformation. Usually, these accounts have no videos, no picture, no info..but have two or more subscribers. They generally leave inane, senseless comments but sometimes try to steer the subject into a totally different direction. I can’t allow it. Not when it comes to people getting healthy or feeling better. If this were inconsequential, I wouldn’t give a shit.

Some of your comments are showing up and then vanishing, etc. So don’t be angry if I don’t respond. It also took me three times of uploading this video to get it to actually show up. It actually took me transferring it to another computer and putting it up that way. An issue I’ve never had with my YouTube page. Not a conspiracy…just an issue.

Also, I never said I don’t believe EH exists. I’m simply stating that this is the carrier / sensitizer or “glue” for targeting. The particles stick to this on AND inside the body. Regardless, if you continue to do this, you will watch your physical symptoms vanish.

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