How to assist Benjamin Fulford… (one way, at least)…

[Future donators: please be sure to specify in the PayPal note (comment) area that you want this to go to Ben Fulford. Thank you.]

[Kp update: thank you all who have donated so far. I’m sure Benjamin and team are very grateful. I will keep you updated on how things are going, and after the funds have actually transferred to his foundation, I’ll share more information about that. Aloha, Kp] [btw, the support page link does actually work.]

As I outlined in this earlier post, Benjamin and his team have been hit with a “no more funds can you use” deal, via the Japanese government. Feel free to read that post to learn more.

Benjamin said that funds could be sent to his foundation, but since I do not want to post that detailed information here, and to make it simpler for most people to donate funds to him, I am using my own PayPal account to collect money for him and his team. Here’s the deal…

  1. Go to the Kp Blog Support page.
  2. Use the #1 procedure (namely, send to “family and friends”; that way, no PayPal fees are incurred).**
  3. PLEASE write in the notes, something like, “THIS IS FOR BENJAMIN FULFORD” (or “for BF”).
  4. [Note: if that does NOT work for you, just use #2 method.]
  5. After a period of time, I will wire the money collected to Benjamin’s foundation.

Please understand that you will need to trust my integrity, and honesty (and that the funds will not be used for purchasing mochas!!).

You will know if assisting Benjamin is for you. Trust that Guidance. Mahalo to all who choose to help.

Aloha, Kp

**[Kp note: it now appears PayPal may require you to sign up for a PayPal account to gift money via the #1 method on the Kp blog Support page. Just use the #2 method if you don’t want to sign up for a PP account.]

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