So what happens to Corey on 3-12-17, one day after “Antarctic” Atlantis video comes out?

A broken foot. Hmmm… Synchronicity? Negative greeting-icity? “Holy crap, I’m in Hawai’i”-icity?

I’m not sure if this happened on 3-11 or 3-12, but in any event, it happened. And right as the Antarctic Atlantis video was released.

Each FB post has a video. Feel free to go to either to see hospital stuff and X-ray stuff.

Corey FB post 3-11-17, 1237
Corey Goode in the Emergency Room Again? A broken foot? While in Hawaii? I took a strange fall on the beach yesterday. X-Ray time… I really need to get health insurance. :( CG.

Corey FB post 3-11-17, 1257
Fracture Confirmed. This will make giving my presentation at Joan Oceans Ranch, the flights I have to take over the next week and a half very interesting to say the least. I fly home from Hawaii on the 16th and then fly to Denver on the 18th. I will be shooting Cosmic Disclosure as well as some guest appearances on other Gaia shows. Wish me luck! I am open to any healing energy you want to send me. :) CG

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