IntelDinarChronicles 3-7-17… “Prayers for Gary Larrabee”

Gary Larrabee

[Update from DA, who sent this report from E: “1 day ago… Update on Gary…He is doing well and we hope to spring him from the hospital tomorrow. He will come home with us for a week or so until he is stronger. Right now, though, we ask if no one would call him since he has been getting enough calls that he is not getting his rest. Thanks for that and when we get him home you can contact him… Thanks to all.”]

Gary Larrabee has a YouTube channel on which he posts many (usually) short news items, GC/RV items, and an occasional Kent Dunn report. I know that many view his YouTube channel regularly. I feel he reaches and informs certain groups of people that others do not reach, and that he is an important part of humanity’s awakening process.

I spoke with Louisa of Goldfish Report yesterday and found out he had gone to the hospital. Later someone sent this link which explains more about what he’s been going through. I place the first few paragraphs below, and then point to the IDC article for more.

Follow Guidance to see what is yours to do.



for our friend Gary Larrabee who is very sick at the moment and is being aided by close friends to take him to the hospital and home to live with them if need be until he recovers.

Gary has been throwing up alot and has had trouble walking and having fainting spells. He has been checked out and no stroke has occured, but an heart arrithyma was detected. Gary “feels he has been under a spritual attack” from the dark forces of evil in his endeavor to help the good Light workers of Jesus Christ in the fight for what all is good and just.

Gary says “all is in God’s control” and ask for you not to worry, but he does ask for prayer.

Read more at IDC…

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