David Oates on “The Edge Radio” 1-29-17… “Reverse Speech Analysis of Lots of people, including Trump, Hillary, et al”

reverse_speech_header_300_1[Kp note: personally, I do not align with the apparent attitudes of the interviewer, who seems to have a fairly strong “Christian oriented” and sometimes, to my view, very staid attitudes about certain things (like sexual expression, etc., etc.). “The Lord saith, ‘Yea, useth thy discernment and abandon ye the crap, for the “Holy Crap”‘…”] [Kp note 2: here is another video, RS analysis of the Inauguration Speech (a Jeff Rense). Jeff is a “less intrusive” counterpart to David Oates than the one in the video posted below.]

This man called “Trump” is much more than many give him credit for. From every “sense” I’ve had about him, he is “the Real Deal”. According to David Oates reverse speech analysis, what Donald Trump has been saying is “congruent” with his reverse speech. Congruence indicates “he really means what he says”. This is in contrast to what other Republican people, Democrat people and Hillary and Bill and many others say.

Some may wish to check out the first several minutes of this video to hear validation of this, via reverse speech analysis. http://reversespeech.com


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