Tiffany Fontenot on David Oates Reverse Speech Show, 1-27-17… “Speech Reversals on John Kerry, Antarctica, & P—-gate”

tiffany_fontenot_headshot_2I’m finding that these reverse speech analyses by Tiffany Fontenot are extremely unveiling. In this show, she covers several topics of interest, and analyses of John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and someone named “JP” (can you guess who that might be?). Also she looks at what’s possibly going on Antarctic-ly-speaking, and how it relates to Corey and DW’s work.

Tiffany’s websites (currently) are, and Audioboom,com/tifvision. She is currently in process of moving all of her material over to her WordPress site.

Reverse speech analysis was founded by David Oates, at Please go there to learn more.

I have slightly upgraded the audio she posted and removed the ads and music, and post it below.

Full show (download MP3)

Part 1 (download MP3)

Part 2 (download MP3)


[Tiffany Fontenot], on David Oates Reverse Speech Show, Jan. 27, 2017, Second Hour Guest, Tiffany Fontenot, Reversals on John Kerry, Antarctica, & P—-gate

Yaaaaaay! Here is the one hour long Reverse Speech radio show I did yesterday with my teacher, David Oates! Woot! That was a fun show! My first radio show! Hope y’all enjoy it! FYI…I’ve gotten a heads up on trolls trying to attack RS on two points which I will address here:

1. They are trying to say what you believe is true impacts your RS which is NOT true. RS cuts through your own bullshite. It will tell whether you are lying to yourself, or others, and it will also be able to tell whether or not there is mind control involved, or delusion/ego-driven fantasy going on.

2. They want you to think that if RS came from a speech written by another person that you are reading that it will make your own Reverse Speech invalid. This also is NOT true! Here is how reverse speech works… It does not matter if you are reciting the pledge, singing your favorite song, or reading someone elses speech, YOUR UNIQUE TRUTH WILL COME THROUGH because the instrument you are using is YOUR OWN VOICE to speak or sing the words.

So, a speech given to you to read aloud won’t matter because your own intent alone will be what is found within your expression of it. It doesn’t matter if you are reading the phone book aloud, we will still find what is true and correct on what you think and feel about whatever it is that you are saying or singing. Hope that helps to clarify the waters that cabal continually try to muddy. So, nice try, but no kewpie doll on any of that.

When checking for reversals with the free phone apps, you’ll hear a statement at some point if you are playing any speech backward. Some people are a bit thrown off by things they hear if what they believe consciously does not match up with what is actually in their subconscious, so we always recommend that you do your own reversals with someone that’s certified, or sign up to get certified yourself, but you will be able to do this with any speech, yours, and the speech of others. About 47 minutes

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