WaPo compares President Trump to Hitler [2-22-17]… So what else is new?

Now I’m not here to compare anyone to anything. But I was made aware of an article entitled, “Amnesty report compares trends that led to Hitler’s rise to power to today’s divisive politics“. Which to me means, they (MSM, Trump not-likers, whoever) are really desperate. I commented on a FB posting of this,

“I would recommend people STRONGLY challenge any report or any organization that starts playing the “Hitler card”. AI report does NOT mention the name, “Hitler”. That is only in the WaPo article.”

And of course, Washington Post is always “truthful, fair, and balanced, and never tries to ‘push an agenda'” (yeah, right) (read the last sentence with sarcasm meter turned up to 15, on a scale of 10). I can tell you, “the cabal” is really reaching when all their media outlets can do is compare someone to Hitler.

So I looked around a bit and discovered that almost every single US president in the past few decades has been compared to Hitler. Surprise, surprise.

Take a look at the images below and see if you can find your favorite president (the only one I failed to locate was Gerald Ford).

hitler_trump_b hitler_obama hitler_gw_bush hitler_bill_clinton hitler_ghw_bush hitler_reagan_b hitler_carter hitler_nixon hitler_lbj

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