Four (4) Victurus Libertas articles that may be of interest to some… Headlines and (perhaps) a highlight…

victurus_libertas_header_2I’m posting this primarily for “apocalypse awareness”. The Victurus Libertas “insider” reports may be of interest to some, although I strongly suggest using Higher Discernment with all. I’m posting just the titles and maybe a highlight or two, as they do cover some “difficult to digest for some” material and issues.

All I can say for sure is that so much is breaking out so quickly, it may become extremely difficult to keep up with. In any event, the dam sure appears to be breaking!

[Note: the last article is related to this prior Kp blog post.]

BREAKING!!! EXCLUSIVE!!! CNN Insider Leaks to VL!! (2-22-17)

“John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Tom Cotton and other republicans are in regular contact with Wolf Blitzer and Tapper, leaking negative info on Trump. The talking points against Trump are handed down by Jeff Zucker, and his lapdog is Brian Stelter. Everyone here is mad as hell at being accused of pushing fake news…

“Our unconfirmed insider claims what they (CNN) always discuss off camera is P—Gate. CNN treats it like fake news, but they are all scared of it.”

EXCLUSIVE!!! MORE Inside Information from CNN Leaker to VL!! (2-24-17)

“The leaker told us today that Shep Smith, from FOX has been calling CNN because he is angling for a job with CNN… According to the source, Shep Smith frequently calls CNN and gives them leads. Our source says, “FOX would freak if they knew how much FOX folks (employees of FOX) give CNN personnel inside info on Fox.”

Interviews with Nancy Schaefer and William Fain Regarding the Corruption of CPS (2-22-17; CPS = Child Protective Services)

“Nancy Schaefer had appeared on the Alex Jones show in May of 2009, shortly before her death. During the interview, the ex-Senator says that CPS is unconstitutional. She strongly emphasized that parents across this country need to be warned of the dangers of Child Protection Services nationwide. “The Department of Child Protective Services has become a protected empire. It’s built on taking children and separating families.””

O’Keefe Forces #FakeNews to Take Responsibility (2-23-17)

Basically, O’Keefe just went full bounty hunter on the Mainstream Media. Now, because of James O’Keefe, every journalist in the land is on notice and risks exposure if they fabricate stories, manipulate the public for the benefit of war mongering elites, or if they purposely refuse to cover REAL NEWS like P—GATE, the public is the new Truth Warrior.!

“…imagine what it’s like in every newsroom in America today!  Every underpaid production assistant, key grip, camera man and janitor could be $10,000 richer for capturing and delivering evidence of MSM fraud.”

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