David Seaman 2-21/22-17… “Exposure of the Rothschilds (and the consequent ‘Twitter ban’)” VIDEOS

david_seaman_headshot_240_2I’m occasionally interested in what David puts onto his YouTube channel (which he backs up on Vidme.com). It is wonderful to see a newer generation of “citizen journalists” stepping forward like this.

I see he’s put out a couple of videos about the Rothschilds. This is the second one, I believe. As an apparent result of his posting this one (on 2-21), his Twitter access was suspended (on 2-22). Perhaps some people are getting uncomfortable with his news reports.

He’s also assembling a new news site, Fulcrumnews.com (aka, Fulcrum.news).


WIKILEAKS: Illuminati Rothschild Influence & Simulation Theory
Published on Feb 21, 2017
What if the Rothschild banking group is not as powerful as the public thinks- what if it is far MORE powerful, and has been, for some time? What if cracking down on Wikileaks was about much more than preserving the failing Clintons’ legacy?
Part 1- The Rothschilds EXPOSED, https://youtu.be/yn061QKdZ-E


Powerless Elites, Say Hello To The Streisand Effect For Me!
Published on Feb 22, 2017
This is weird. My Twitter account has been locked, without my permission, for tweeting this morning about the R***childs and promoting my last video. Are some people and families even above being criticized on social media? We’ll find out, I suspect.

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