President Trump Holds a Press Conference 2-16-17 (or, “Holy Crap, I’m really glad I’m NOT the MSM!!)

donald_trump_press_conference_240_1[Kp update: for those interested, a transcript of the press conference is available here at, or download an HTML version or text version stored at a separate location (also added one commentary video link below).]

I see this as a VERY positive calling out of many things, particularly CNN, BBC, and a couple others. Namely, ALL of the MSM. Many are not used to seeing someone speak directly and potently to the media, but in my view, it is about time. Honestly, I thoroughly enjoyed the “calling out”. It is very clear that the MSM is losing their grip, and we can be grateful for that, in my view.

I’ve placed some rough timings at the end of this post.

Note that I do not align with all of the things he speaks of, particularly Iran. Keystone and DAPL are also points of possible contention with me, although the use of American steel for those projects seems like a constructive idea (however, let’s get away from oil, coal, anything (dammit)!!). We shall see.

Note: This is not a video for those who view Donald Trump as “The Devil” and are stuck in that mode. If you are, I suggest don’t let your mouse come anywhere near to clicking the link below. Please contact TAPT for assistance if necessary.
. (from WhiteHouse YouTube)

A couple more videos of this:
Trump Full Press Conference (2/16/17) | ABC News (used this for timings, but has an “annoyingly” long ad at the start)
President Trump Full Press Conference 2/16/17 (from another YouTuber, no ads)

David Seaman commentary video (short, for those who like wine (he’s drinking a glass of Oregon wine in the video))
Alex Jones commentary (short, but caution: a few Alex Jones interruptions in here)
Alex Jones extended commentary (2 hr. 38 min.)

Kp timing notes: (approximate)

4:00 Media
4:45 Changing a broken system.
7:45 Iran (crap… still saying they’re “the Devil”?)
12:30 What Trump admin. done:
No TPP (deal with countries 1 to 1)
Focus on rebuilding US infrastructure
Cutting Fed. regulations
Border security improvements
18:46 Keystone, DAPL, American steel
19:26 Draining the swamp (5-year ban on lobbying)
19:50 Obamacare replacement working on (roll out in March?)
Historic tax reform
21:30 Jobs numbers are surging
1:15:45 Country has long been divided… a divided nation.

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