David Seaman: an alt-media reporter who is “waking up”… to David Wilcock!! VIDEO of 2-1-17

david_seaman_headshot_240_1I’m posting this video from David Seaman. He is someone I occasionally like to check in with, via his YouTube channel. He seems to be a very competent and grounded researcher and reporter (in my view). I was quite amazed to hear him discussing the Illuminati, and events going on in Antarctica. Then I checked the video notes, and there was a link to David Wilcock’s Endgame 1.

This video does have some short mentions of “pi22a”, but much is about the Illuminati and what’s happening down under. Perhaps one or two of you will enjoy this.


Published on Feb 1, 2017

David Wilcock analyzes Pizzagate’s Illuminati ties:

As reported by The Wall Street Journal yesterday, federal charges against Anthony Weiner are now likely on the way. And here’s the troubling truth behind Pizzagate, which has now been vetted: it’s driven by a pre-biblical secret society’s belief in the efficacy of child sacrifice. They refer to themselves as Illuminati, but illuminated they are not. This is their time to be outed and judged by modern society.

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