A Note about the 2017 Inauguration Crowd Size…


2017 Inauguration crowd 4 (entire mall image)

[Kp update: WH press secretary Sean Spicer also commented on this in this video.] This was a bit of a “side deal” that I investigated, and was prompted by an Alex Jones video (CNN Debunks It’s Own Claim That Trump Inauguration Was Small). So from that video I learned about a CNN Gigapixel image of the inauguration crowd.

I did notice the image from a VT article that promoted this “sparse” looking crowd, compared to Obama’s 2009 inauguration (I put that one at the end).

So I went to CNN Gigapixel and screenshot a few images, which I place below. I personally don’t care exactly how big the crowd was, but the images below certainly seem to show the crowd was a lot bigger than VT article implied.

Does this “prove” anything? Just that many who are reporting negatively about anything to do with Trump are not necessarily telling the whole story.


2017 Inauguration crowd 1 (click to enlarge)


2017 Inauguration crowd 2 (click to enlarge)


2017 Inauguration crowd 3 (click to enlarge)


2017 Inauguration crowd 4 (click to enlarge)


2017 Inauguration crowd 5 (zoom of 4) (click to enlarge)


2017 Inauguration crowd image from VT article

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