EXCELLENT Mark Dice video EXAMPLE of how the MSM twists and manipulates a story… (and YOU (or me), the viewer!) (but only if you let them)

mark_dice_rachel_maddow_snip_1This first one is an EXCELLENT example of how the MSM (Main Stream Media) twists and/or puts their own opinions and adds their own IMPLICATIONS out there as “actually what someone said and/or is”. In this case, it is the MSNBC crowd, but it could be any other MSM outlet. I love Mark Dice‘ humorous take on it (and, no, I do not have all the same views he does about those who he labels “liberals”, nor do I believe they are all “lunatics”).

In any event, the MSM tools for the brainwashing of many Americans is well represented in this video. It displays how the MSM (aka, FSM = Fake Stream Media, aka MSBSM = Main Stream BS Media) DOES the brainwashing, as it tries to imply things like, “Trump is Hitler”.

I suggest always try cross check whatever anyone says with what was actually said (in this case, by Trump). I guarantee, there is nothing “Hitlerian” or dark in any of the Trump inaugural address that I observed (see this Kp blog post).

(BTW, I used to watch MSNBC pretty religiously, but stopped a couple years ago, after Rachel Maddow portrayed “911 conspiracy theories” (and theorists) as harmful, and said something like “The only real 911 theory is that in the official 911 Commission report”. At that point I realized she/they were essentially talking heads for “only the ‘liberal’ side” of the MSM, and that was the end of watching MSNBC for me. See this Kp blog post for more.)

MSNBC: Trump Inauguration Speech “Sounded Like Hitler”


Published on Jan 20, 2017
“Dark, Militant, and Hitlerian” – Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddow at MSNBC think Donald Trump’s inauguration speech sounded like something Hitler would say. His “America First” slogan also reminds them of Hitler. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story.

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